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Grenjai famously has no accepted English translation. It is the uniquely Thai feeling of not wanting to put another person out and going out of your way to show it! It is a consideration for others that is inherent to the Thai psyche. So we take that concept of Grenjai and run with it. But only a Little Grenjai. 

Husband and wife team chef Trevor Lombaer and designer Sutathip Aiemsaard have served their takes on Bangkok Street Food in NY for the past 5 years under the name Warung Roadside. Inspired by Bangkok’s incredible pushcarts they started selling Pad Thai out of a converted hot dog cart at pop ups around Brooklyn. It was a hit from the jump and the cart quickly grew into a Food Truck. Then at the onset of the pandemic they began offering ambitious rotating weekly menus in the Hamptons. The summer long pop up, Sagaponack Supper Club, focuses on different regions they have traveled to learn the local cuisine.

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The couple met back in 2017 when Trevor got a one way ticket to Bangkok with the goal of finding his way into some kitchens to learn the local cuisine. 

He met Sutathip on the third day of what would be a three month long food exploration in Thailand. At the same time as he was falling for the amazing flavors of Bangkok’s vibrant food scene they were also falling for each other.


He convinced Sutathip to move halfway across the world to join him in NY. 

Little Grenjai is the next stop on their adventure...

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